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Book: Transacord Sounds of Steam - A Record Press Discography by Mark Jones


Thank you very much for your interest in Transacord Ltd.

We hope this page will help answer any questions you may have.


Q - I have paid for my download but not received anything. What is wrong?

A - Once paid for, links to your download(s) can be found in the Account section of the web site. Please refer to the Download Help page for more details. The download links remain available for three days and you get three attempts to complete your download. In the event of further difficulty please contact us for assistance.

Q - I have downloaded my files but there are no sleeve notes. Can you send them to me?

A - All the sleeve notes we have can now be downloaded from this page.

Q - Will you be making further Transacord titles available for digital download?

A - If we can get hold of the sources, yes, we would like to. We are in negotiation with the owners of the master tapes but at present we cannot say which titles will become available to us, or when.

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