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We are pleased to provide the following sleeve notes from the original LP / CD releases.

You are welcome to download the sleeve notes to those releases you have previously downloaded.

Catalogue number(s) Title (click to download)
DA 39 TR 117   The Great Western
  SPA 439   Steam Locomotion
  SPA 461   Great Central
    ATR 7001 Steam in the Fifties
    ATR 7002 Railway Rhythms
  SPA 463 ATR 7004 L.M.S.
  ZTR 143 ATR 7005 Railways Round the Clock
  SPA 462 ATR 7006 Southern Steam
  ZTR 149 ATR 7007 Steam Through All Seasons
  ZDA 109 ATR 7008 Copper Capped Engine
  ZDA 21 ATR 7009 Triumph of an A4 Pacific
    ATR 7010 L.N.E.R.
  SPA 440 ATR 7011 G.W.R.
  ZTR 148 ATR 7012 Steam in All Directions
  ZTR 126 ATR 7013 Railway to Riccarton
  SPA 529 ATR 7014 This Is York
  SPA 557 ATR 7015 Castles and Kings
    ATR 7016 Trains in Trouble
    ATR 7017 Railways Recalled
  SPA 438 ATR 7018 Changing Trains
  ZDA 22 ATR 7019 Trains in the Hills
  SPA 563 ATR 7022 Pacific Power
  DA 31 ATR 7023 Working on the Footplate
  SPA 530 ATR 7024 A Double Head of Steam
(Z)CA 48 ZTR 118 ATR 7025 Trains to Remember
  ZTR 128 ATR 7026 Steam on the Lickey Incline
  DA 9 ATR 7027 West of Exeter
    ATR 7028 The Power of Steam
  TR 134 ATR 7029 North of Kings Cross
    ATR 7030 Somerset and Dorset
  TR 140 ATR 7032 Engines from Derby and Crewe
    ATR 7033 Rhythms of Steam
    ATR 7034 Echoes of Engines
    ATR 7035 Shap
    ATR 7036 Engines with Accents
    ATR 7038 Steam from A to V

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Sleeve notes are provided as PDF files.
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Not all the albums listed here are currently available to download (see FAQ page).

If the sleeve notes you're looking for aren't listed here it's because we don't have them yet.

If you have sleeve notes we don't have please drop us a line and let us know.

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